July 14, 2016

the final stretch

It's been a long week and a half, but we're in the final stretch before Adam comes home! This is just a weird summer for our family, we're SO elated to be here but its been hard too.Recently Adam was gone for almost a week, now he's in a 2 week stretch of being gone, we aren't going to the northwest like we usually do which is sad and poor B is having a hard time with that, etc. Its just not a typical summer and summer in Waco is like a ghost town, so many people are gone, Baylor isn't in session, etc.. just not the best place to be in July. :( Boo. Thankfully my mom was here this past week and she saved the day! (Happy birthday, Mom!). It was so nice for her to play with B, and to chat with me and to be a welcome distraction when our hearts are missing Adam and our typical summer plans. This week B is at gymnastics  camp and we have some play dates and fun things planned so we're gonna make it!

In other news I'm supposedly getting the third set of drafts for our house today, fingers crossed! We literally cannot do one thing until the final draft is right and its been lots of back and forth so here's to hoping this is "the one!" I know building a house is trying on the ol' patience so I'm trying to let it roll..this literally is just the beginning and I know that. {and anyone who knows me knows patience isn't my strong suit so...I'm sure I've got a big opportunity for growth here the next 9ish months!}

I've been asked a lot how B is doing with the move, if she's happy to be here, if she misses CA, etc. so I'll address that here. :) B is doing well, I have seen her "Come back to life" a bit since moving home, and I know she is thrilled to be here. This summer has been hard for the reasons listed above so that's definitely taken a toll but I think once school starts she'll be "back to normal" and this season will fade away. The other day I was buying something and the cashier asked to see my drivers license, he said "Oh, California huh?" and I said "Well, yeah, we live here now, I just haven't gotten a new license yet." And he proceeded to look at B and he said "Do you miss CA?" And without skipping a beat she said "Nope!" That made my heart smile. She's home, and it feels really good to her too. Happy sigh.

I try not to wish time away, believing that time really is precious and a gift but I sure am eager for it to be Sunday when Adam comes home! Prayers for him as he drives here from CA would be appreciated. :) As always, thanks for checking in. xo

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