August 9, 2016

always something

We're back from vacation and it was lovely and wonderful and B starts school tomorrow so its come to an abrupt end. But its okay, its been quite a summer and I think we're all (mostly) ready for the fall/real life to resume.

I made mention a bit ago that recently my pastor's father died. On Sunday he preached about his dad and I was on a cruise ship so I missed it but I listened to the podcast this morning, as my friend warned me, it was an "ugly cry" resulting sermon. Josh's dad was also a pastor so as you can imagine, Josh has lots of stories and memories of his dad ministering to others and loving others well. Part of Josh's sermon that is resonating in my mind is when he recalled a conversation in which he asked his dad "why do some people believe in God and some don't?" to which is dad replied "those that have an experience with God, believe in God." Isn't that the truth? Haven't we all heard a story or two (or many) where someone has an encounter with God that is so profound, its life changing? That there literally can be no more room for doubt because of the experience that took place. I love those stories because they remind me of what I know to be true when I'm in a tough spot. I've encountered God...many times, and as I've said here many times, I would be the fool not to believe at this point. But it still begs the question of why God doesn't "show up" sometimes, doesn't it? Today I read a post that a mom wrote to her daughter and the part that struck me said "I am just as proud + in love with you when you fall down because I've learned that is where we find more of God." For me, this was the reminder that so often when we feel like God isn't "showing up" for us, its because in/thru/after that "hard" we will have found more of Him than we otherwise would have. It reminds me of the Jen Hatmaker quote I wrote here months and months ago, that perhaps we would 'squash the lovely vision if we obtained it too soon.' So really, by God "not showing up" He's actually showing up in ways we just can't see yet. As my wise (profoundly wise) aunt has said to me many times over the past 2 years "God is always doing something." I realize this isn't new information for this here blog, just sometimes it hits me in new ways and I write because I feel compelled to do so, maybe someone out there needed to hear it today?

Well, today is Adam's second day of his new job (which really, isn't work yet -just orientation), and B is a 4th grader tomorrow back at her old school, kinda feels like a time warp! And house stuff is still sloooooooooooooooooooooow, sigh. We are super close to the plans for the inside being done, the outside still needs some work but hopefully -we're on the final stretch! All in all, we're doing well and gearing up for another year! Hope everyone is having a lovely August! xo

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