October 31, 2016

Adam is 40 & Happy Halloween!

Whew! It has been crazy over here!! This past Friday night I threw Adam a big ol' 40th birthday party with 50 of our nearest and dearest. The night went just how I envisioned and it was so fun to eat BBQ, play yard games, dance, and laugh the night away to celebrate my sweet husband. I took several photos but unfortunately my computer straight up DIED the other day so I can't edit/upload-ugh!! I knew I needed a new computer but I was hoping to hold off a little longer but alas, I couldn't. So, I'm typing this blog post from my brand new computer but I haven't downloaded all my photo stuff yet so no photos for a couple more days. I have several client sessions that I need to edit before I can get to my personal stuff but photos of Adam's bday party, B on Halloween, B's party, etc. will be coming! This week is going to be nuts so the ol' blog will be quiet for a bit but lots more to come! Happy Halloween everyone!! Oh, and we technically broke ground today so day 1 of construction is underway-hooray!! xo

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Kemi Winn said...

Congrats on the ground breaking!!!
Computers- grrrrrrrrr! I think they should last 20 years at least.
Looking forward to birthday and Halloween pictures!