October 25, 2016

its that time...

Every year at this time I take a deep breath and get my game face on. This year its heightened a bit because its a big year for 2/3 of us. Adam turns the big 4-0 this Saturday and B turns the big 1-0 just a few days later! My sweet husband who usually never wants a party requested a big bash this year, and my daughter informed me that since she is now going to be double digits she thinks this year should be "extra special." Sigh, no pressure, right?! I told B that I try really hard to make every birthday special and I'm not really sure what more I could do to make this one "extra" but that I would try. Poor girl, she really wanted this to be her "Sleep Over" party year but in this rental house...it ain't gonna happen so I told her that her "extra special" birthday would need to wait until next year, but this would just be a typical special birthday -ha! Its going to be a roller skating party at the ol' rink, we all hate our rental house and its just not conducive to entertaining. Our dear friends graciously accepted my request to host Adam's party in their backyard so, this weekend we'll be having some GOOD BBQ from our favorite hole in the wall, some yard games, some dancing, and good drinks as we cheers to my sweet husband and his big 40th! After his b-day, we've of course got Halloween and sweet B is on a roll with Harry Potter these days so she opted to be Hermione this year, I bet she'll be cute! :) And as usual by the time it gets to my birthday I'm exhausted and sweet-toothed out so, no plans for me this year! Truth be told I kinda had my birthday "treat" this weekend. My friend Anna and I attended our second "outstanding in the field" event which is the most amazing farm to table experience that was worth every penny and every calorie! I told Adam next year when I turn 40 its gonna be about me and he and B can fend for themselves! Ha! (I kid...kinda ;)

So, lots going on around here and lots of holiday shoots and editing in the midst of the crazy. Our house has YET to be started but we're hopeful for this week (PLEASE LORD!), apparently we're waiting on the dirt guy...sigh. We'll get there. Just blogged a cute mini session, check it out HERE. xo


Kemi Winn said...

So surprised Adam requested a party! After his 6th birthday party he announced that he didn't want any more parties. I was more than happy to oblige. I guess after 34 years he's changed his mind.🙂 And he knows you are a much better party planner than me!
Praying extra energy for you!

Kemi Winn said...

B will be the cutest Hermione ever!