October 20, 2016

nothing good

There is a worship song that stops me dead in my tracks with the first line, each time I hear it it reminds me of how human I am, what a sinner I am, and how some times there really is nothing good in me. I appreciate songs that remind me of my own humanity because with that comes the reminder that I need a savior and thankfully, I've got one. I was talking to a dear friend recently who is in the process of a major life change, she is walking away from a religion that has fed her lies and made her feel a horrible sense of judgement and of being less than. She said to me with this newfound freedom and awareness "Jesus is enough!" She's realized that this particular church/religion that has been holding her captive for 40 years isn't the answer, that Jesus is the answer and that He alone is sufficient. That's what I'm reminded of when I hear these lyrics:

You are good, you are good when there's nothing good in me
you are love, you are love on display for all to see
you are light, you are light when the darkness closes in
you are hope, you are hope you have covered all my sin
you are peace, you are peace when my fear is crippling
you are true, you are true even in my wandering
you are joy, you are joy you're the reason that I sing
you are life, you are life in you death has lost its sting

(Forever Reign/Hillsong)

Some days/moments/times there really isn't anything good in me, but thankfully God is good all the time and He alone is sufficient, He alone is enough. This is a good reminder for me today, maybe someone else out there needed a reminder. xo


Anonymous said...

This really resonates with me - was just saying outloud yesterday on the way to work (know exactly where I was in my commute)Jesus is enough!!! Amen:)

Kemi Winn said...

Oh yes!!! I love that song. And I often need to be reminded that His all sufficient grace is enough.
Thanks for the reminder.