October 10, 2016

Play With Fire

I recently read the book "Play With Fire" by Bianca Juarez Olthoff, its brand new and worth the read. I read this book in two days, it was so relateable after my 2 years in California (which can largely be referred to as "my time in the wilderness/desert"). In this book Bianca is essentially recounting her own journey of her time in "the wilderness," of feeling alone and broken in the wake of her personal heartache, and of how God was faithful and brought her out of that season. I love real stories, the books I'm most drawn to are that of real life stories where God redeems brokenness, I love being reminded of what I know is true but easily forget.

"In our moments of confusion, fear, loss, and darkness, we have a God whose presence is with us, who answers us when we cry out. And when He responds, when He shows up in the desert, we have one job: worship God."

"God doesn't lead us out of bondage and into our own deserts simply for the sake of our own freedom. He leads us into the desert that we might learn to worship Him. And here's the truth -we cannot worship God for the gifts of freedom and salvation without having known captivity and desolation first. When we know the cost of our freedom, it drives our worship. True worship almost always happens in the desert wilderness, and praise is almost always the answer to a plea that rises up in us while we are in the desert."

"When we forget about what God has done, it makes us doubt what he can do. When we remember His promises, when we remember his goodness, when we remember His miracles, we can hold on to hope that He will rescue us in our time of need."

These are just a few "nuggets" that I took away from this read. I have found these statements to be true in my own life, I have tasted and seen that God is good and that true worship evolves from real pain. If you're looking for an encouraging read and want to be reminded of God's faithfulness and that your pain is not in vain, I'd get this book.

We had a great weekend! The weather is FINALLY cooling off a bit here so we wanted to spend the majority of the weekend outside -it was so nice! We hung out with friends, we went to the zoo, the farmers market, and to the heart of Texas fair -fun! Today B is out of school for Columbus day so we're having a lazy day at home (per her request). I've got wedding editing to do and laundry piled high, but my pumpkin spice candles are burning and its only going to be 84 degrees today so -a lovely fall day it is! :) Hope everyone has a great week, as always, thanks for reading! xo

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Anonymous said...

Love this blog - am always blessed/challenged by the nuggets you share - whether they be "yours" or from a friend/book, etc. - always God's truths and wonderful reminders of His faithfulness to us and so thankful you experience Him in such a real way.