November 10, 2016


To say "its been busy around here" would be a massive understatement, but, as always, we made it! I back-dated my Halloween post so you can see B as Hermione a few posts back, she was so cute! :) Mom has been in town for B's birthday, her skating party was a success, and I only fell once! Hooray! Yesterday I turned 39, I knew it wasn't going to be the greatest birthday for a lot of reasons and although it started out rough, it turned out pretty okay! At around 4am Adam and I woke up to the sound of a critter under our house/in the backyard? (we're not totally sure), then at 5:22am Brennan ran into the bathroom because she thought she was going to throw up, then at 6:30am Brennan was in the bathroom and Adam thought she was sick so he darts out of bed, etc.. Ay yi yi, rough morning. So, B stayed home with me and had a sick day (and the irony is, she hasn't been sick all year AND she threw up LAST YEAR on my birthday too!!). So, I had a massage and pedicure scheduled and couldn't find a sitter and as the morning went on B seemed pretty okay so, mom of the year -I took her to the spa with me and she sat in the lobby on her ipad while I was pampered (it was really okay, I promise - she didn't throw up at all (even in the am when she thought she would) and she ended up being totally fine and is back at school today). So, in all honesty, I'm glad I didn't cancel my bday spa treats (points for honesty? :). It was a gloomy, ick day (and I don't really ever talk politics on this here blog and have no intention of starting but to wake up to the president news already cast a pretty dark shadow on the day any how) so B and I just stayed in cozy clothes and hung out at home. My sweeet friend left a lovely candle on the doorstep, another friend had cupcakes delivered to my house, and another sweet friend had a whole pie delivered to my house! I'm a spoiled girl indeed and had many phone calls, texts, etc. and I felt very loved and cared for. When I was getting my massage and had time to just lay and think about the day and about getting another year older I started to think of the many things I'm super thankful for (and obviously my heath, my family, and my family's health is among those), but also I kept thinking about last year at this time, how I was in such a dark place and longed to be back in Waco, and how yesterday I woke up in Waco and what an answer to prayer that is! How God has given me the desire of my heart and how thankful I am just to be here. Even with Trump as president, even with the dark gloomy day, even with my sick child, all of those things are going on with me living in Waco and that is pretty great in and of itself.

Adam recently accepted a leadership position at our church and any time a new person is elected they do a q & a to get to know the person a bit better and one of the questions was "Why are you in Waco?" and Adam's response was: "Because there is nowhere else I'd rather live. Oh, and I also teach at UMHB so there's that too." At Adam's birthday party a couple weeks ago I gave a toast and talked about how a lot of people tend to give you weird looks when you trade in southern California for central Texas, but that our community gets it -everyone in that yard understood what I was saying. A dear friend of Adam's (mine too!) happened to be in town from California and it was SUCH a treat to have him at Adam's party. As he was getting ready to leave he came up to me, pointed to the crowd of people at the party and looked back at me and said "I get it. I think you made the right choice." I know that some people search their whole lives for a fraction of the relationships that we are privileged to have -I get it, I know Adam and I are the lucky ones and I don't take that for granted. Loving God and loving people is what this life is about, and here is where we feel we do both of those things best, I'm so grateful for another year of life, and that I get to live it in Waco, Texas. xo

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Kemi Winn said...

I'm so glad your day ended better than it started. Hurray for friends that spoil you, massages and pedicures!!!
Also glad B's illness was short lived. Bet she was happy to spend the day with her mom! No need to feel guilty about taking her to the spa. She'd surely rather be there than at school.