November 2, 2016

B is 10!

My sweet B is 10 today! She has been looking forward to turning a "decade" old for a while now, I on the other hand can't believe its true! 10 years ago I was laying in bed relying on Adam to run back and forth from the NICU to give me updates and I hadn't met my girl yet (at this point). Feels so long ago and like yesterday at the same time.

Sweet B, this has been a big year for you! You were THRILLED when you heard that there was a possibility that we were moving back to Waco, and then when it came to fruition you were SO happy! You couldn't wait to move home for good and it was so good for our hearts to watch you so happy after a rough 2 years. You moved back into school and church with ease and its almost as if we never left. You are enjoying school (well for the most part, its still not your favorite thing) and you made the honor roll this semester! You also played your first real sport and really enjoyed volleyball season (much to your parents happiness!). You did really well and since you loved it so much we enrolled you in a club and you will be playing the rest of the year -yippee!!! You still don't love shoes (I write that every year b/c I keep waiting for that to change), and the Olive Garden and Jimmy Johns are still your favorite restaurants. You love going to church and tell me that you're so glad our church is the way it is (after you go to mass on Fridays! :) Minecraft and your AG dolls are your favorite past times and daddy has recently gotten you into Harry Potter so you've done more reading in the past few months than in your whole life combined! Your sense of humor is stellar and your sarcasm is on point, you always make daddy and I laugh and I always appreciate your timing! You continue to be so sweet, kind and thoughtful and you make me so proud to be your mom. California was so hard on you and you handled it with such grace, its good for my soul to see you back in Waco and how happy you are. You say you don't plan to leave Waco and that you anticipate going to college at Baylor (music to daddy's and my ears!). You are ten, but still my baby girl. I love you, B. xo


Anonymous said...

Every word your mommy says is true - and so much more! I'm so happy I could help you celebrate your 10th birthday, see your friends, go to your church, play with your dolls and sing our songs:) I can't wait to come back and see you in your new house! I love you so much, B!!!
Doggie Grandma

Kemi Winn said...

B you are a treasure! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your birthday and I'm so glad Doggie Grandma could be there. God Bless you and keep you close to Him.
Love you so much!