December 29, 2016

Christmas in New York 2016

We got home late last night from our week in NYC, and it was FABULOUS! I have envisioned New York for years and it really was everything I thought it would be and it was one of (if not "the") best Christmases ever. Before we left I got some recommendations from some folks, and I asked for suggestions on Instagram and we tried to check almost each one off the list. I had a list of things on my phone and would check them off as we went and we finished the whole list with the exception of a trip to the Met (and Tribeca but I think we might have gone there for a bit and I just didn't realize it?).

Here's how our trip went (and really, I'm detailing it more for me to look back on and remember so sorry if its a bit tedious :):

*we got to our hotel around dinner time on the 22nd, we dropped our stuff off and walked to Rockefeller center and looked at the iconic tree, the ice skating rink, looked in some shops, walked to Times Square (which was where our hotel was), saw Radio City Music Hall, and had a yummy dinner at a lovely French restaurant.

*23rd -we took the subway to Chelsea and walked the high line, it was so cool to be at a park looking down at the city and just taking in all the views. We ended the walk at the Chelsea market and had some treats at Sarabeth's bakery and shopped at the market. We then took the ferry to Staten Island so we could get a great view of the statue of liberty (none of us actually wanted to go "to" it so this was the way to see it from what we'd been told -that was fun, and cold!). We ate yummy Indian food in the financial district and then took the ferry back to Times Square where we changed our clothes and headed to Broadway to watch "Aladdin." It was a great show and it was in an old theatre which was so cool to see! Afterwards Adam was a hungry so we stopped by the iconic Shake Shack for him to grab a burger and B and I shared a peanut butter shake -yum!

*24th- We ate yummy grilled cheese sandwiches at this grilled cheese restaurant and took the subway to the Natural History Museum, after being there for hours (aka: too long for me!) we took a lovely stroll through central park -gorgeous! We then took a CROWDED walk down 5th/Park Ave and saw the beautiful, iconic store front windows, we were 10 minutes too late to the American Girl doll store (grrr), and then went to Dylan's candy shop to stock up on some treats. I also made a quick stop in the iconic Magnolia Bakery to grab some goodies and then we stopped in this bakery to kill some time before our dinner reservation at The Smith (which is pretty much what I want the inside of my new house to look like!). The bakery was about to close so we bought a couple items to have Christmas morning in our hotel and then they gave us some free baked goods since they were closing and had to get rid of them, that was really neat because we were able to then give those items away to the homeless and it felt good to pass along the generosity. We ate a YUMMY dinner at The Smith and then headed back to our hotel to relax a bit before church. Before going to NY Adam and I both thought it would be a really neat experience to go to a high church service in the city at a fancy church at the 11 o' clock service, so we did! We found a VERY high gorgeous episcopal church service and we made it about 50 minutes before we bailed! Ha! B was fading and according to the 30 page bulletin we weren't even halfway through the service so....there was that. It was still a neat experience and I'm glad we did it.

*25th -Christmas day started off very lazy for us, we had very full, busy days with LOTS of walking and made it back to our hotel around 11pm - midnight each night so we were wiped! We slept in, ate our yummy baked goods and watched Christmas movies. In the later afternoon we took the subway to Chinatown and walked through the crowded streets until we found a yummy authentic Chinese restaurant where we stuffed ourselves with many yummy things. This was great, and such a neat experience! Afterwards we went to a Chinese candy shop and loaded up on more treats (I'm sure you're sensing a theme here :), then we walked through Little Italy and I bought an ornament to commemorate our Christmas in New York, and then we went to the movies! B has been wanting to see the movie "Sing" and it seemed like a great Christmas-y thing to do. After the movie B wanted a milkshake so we stopped by the Sugar Factory and she got a fancy shmancy milkshake at this cool shop and then we made a couple more stops on the way back to our hotel for coookies and cheesecake before heading to bed.

*26th -We took the subway to the 911 Memorial/Museum and spent a good bit of time here. This was a really neat (for lack of a better word) experience. I thought they did a great job of commemorating the lives lost and of telling the story of that tragic day. After the museum we went to Little Italy for lunch, then took the subway to Grand Central Station (which was so pretty for the holidays). Then we headed to Union Square and I did some shopping at ABC Home (which was FAB). Then we took B back to the AG doll store which was a total zoo and the shelves were pretty much bare the day after Christmas! Then we hunted down Momofuku Milkbar to get the famous crack pie -that was SO good. Then we stopped in St. Patrick's Cathedral and saw that iconic beauty and then made the trek to Katz's Deli for the infamous pastrami sandwich (this ended up being Adam's favorite thing) which was amazing! It was a neat deli just to take in and see/experience but the food was UNREAL. Earlier in the evening we had stopped by Serendipity to get the iconic frozen hot chocolate, the wait was 3 hours so I put my name in but was doubtful we were gonna get in. When we were done at the deli it was the 2.5 hour mark since we put our name in and I suggested we try and make it! B was SO done and exhausted but she bucked up and we made the trek back to Serendipity where we proceeded to wait a bit longer before getting a table shortly before 11pm. This was SUCH a neat experience, to have such a full and exhausting day and to end it up the tiny stairwell into the most beautiful, whimsical room where the 3 of us had our yummy frozen hot chocolates felt magical -it really did.

27th -this day B and I were exhausted! Our legs were so.tired.and.sore. from the day before that I felt like we were lagging a bit this day. We took the subway into Soho where we did some shopping and spent a good bit of time in the iconic Dean & Deluca -YUM. After walking around Soho for a bit we took the subway to the upper east side and went to the Guggenheim museum. After we stared at sophisticated art :) we went to a late lunch at Sarabeth's. YUM. I've been wanting to see this antique store called "Olde Good Things" but our legs were SO tired so we hailed a cab, paid the big bucks and went and saw it, pretty cool but not "as" cool as I was anticipating. We went back to our hotel a bit early on this day, B and I needed a break. We watched some tv, Adam went to grab some of the "best NY pizza" and brought it back to the hotel and we had a cozy night in our room.

28th -on our last day we walked through central park to eat at the infamous "Tavern On The Green" -it was beautiful and yummy (and expensive) and a great last meal in NYC. I couldn't leave NYC without stopping at Levain Bakery as I'd been told by numerous folks that it had "the best chocolate chip cookie" so of course I had to have it! We made our way to the bakery and the line was SO LONG, Adam didn't think we had time but I insisted we try...and we made it! It was the TINIEST spot and was nothing to look at but it really was the best cookie I've.ever.had. It was AMAZING and worth the wait! After cookies we made our way to the airport and we got home last night around midnight tired and happy. It was just what I wanted it to be and it was such a neat memory for the 3 of us to be in New York City on Christmas, what a special trip! I hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas and that it was magical too! xo

December 13, 2016

B is 10 -blogged!

I finally got around to blogging B's 10th birthday photos over HERE! xo

December 8, 2016


A while back my computer died, so I bought a new one, but all my links to my blog, website, etc. were on my old computer and I wasn't hopeful that I'd be able to figure out what I needed any time soon. Thankfully I was able to get my old computer up and running again (and by "I" I mean the computer fix it folks) so now I'm back in business! I FINALLY blogged these cuties over HERE, check it out! xo

December 5, 2016

oh life

As the saying goes "its always something" but as I was reminded recently, if you were to toss your problems along with others into a bowl, you would likely still reach for your own. Sigh. Adam's car died. Boo. We were hopeful to get another 2-3 years out of it but alas, 2k worth of work on a car that is valued at 2k with 130k miles on it...not a wise investment. After quite a bit of research I found a 2014 camry for Adam w/ only 8k miles on it! He drives a lot each day and gas mileage and reliability are key for him, so, the car is being shipped from Houston and should be ours soon enough! December is not an ideal month for even more extra expenditures but...what are ya gonna do?. Oh life. In other news we're going to try and rent out our rental and move into our friends house! Its kinda nutty, the thought of moving again sounds AWFUL but our friend is going on sabbatical for 8 months and needs someone to watch his house, we hate our rental and would love to have another bathroom, and our rent is free...a win win! But our lease isn't up until May so we need to find a renter....fingers crossed (and prayers appreciated!). Sadly nothing new on the house front (grrr) its still just a pile of dirt. Sigh. Its a really nice, smooth, built-up piece of dirt but still dirt nonetheless. My builder assured me it will "ramp up soon" but its been quite the deal getting the concrete contractor lined up for the foundation and the bit of rain we've had has not been helping. When we moved back to Waco this summer I really thought we'd be 2/3 of the way done at this point, what a joke! I try not to get too bummed about it but man, I'm SO ready for it to speed up a bit!

Christmas is coming fast this year, I did my shopping a bit early so now I'm done and just need to get things shipped off in the next couple days! It's sad not having a tree this year but all our ornaments, stand, etc. is buried in storage. I bought a mini tree at the grocery store the other day and B has been referring to it as our "ghetto tree" -I couldn't agree more! She made ornaments for it and I bought a $3 strand of ugly lights from the dollar spot at target...ghetto indeed. We're all getting excited to blow this pop stand for a bit and head to New York! I think its going to be a really memorable Christmas for our family this year and I can't wait to experience it! Happy Monday, all! xo

Peek of the cutie patootie Harps!

December 1, 2016

B's 10th birthday skating party

I'm FINALLY getting around to blogging B's party! The pics aren't stellar...I totally forgot to take one of all the girls (DOH!) and it was inside a skating rink so needless to say the light...wasn't awesome. All in all everyone had a great time, other than my mom breaking her toe I'd call it a success! B is 10! xo

 B picked the hot pink, black and gold color scheme...

Since the skating party was somewhat generic I wanted the girls party favors to be really personal, each girl got a bracelet with their name on it and a roller skate charm, a journal w/ their first initial, pens, fun tape, a wooden letter of their first initial, etc.. that was my favorite part. :)