December 1, 2016

B's 10th birthday skating party

I'm FINALLY getting around to blogging B's party! The pics aren't stellar...I totally forgot to take one of all the girls (DOH!) and it was inside a skating rink so needless to say the light...wasn't awesome. All in all everyone had a great time, other than my mom breaking her toe I'd call it a success! B is 10! xo

 B picked the hot pink, black and gold color scheme...

Since the skating party was somewhat generic I wanted the girls party favors to be really personal, each girl got a bracelet with their name on it and a roller skate charm, a journal w/ their first initial, pens, fun tape, a wooden letter of their first initial, etc.. that was my favorite part. :)


Kemi Winn said...

Looks like a fun party! The cake is adorable. How thoughtful of you to make each of B's friends feel so special.
I'm so sorry your mom broke her toe!!! OUCH!!!

How can B be 10 so soon?

Anonymous said...

It was worth it, Kemi - so fun!!!!
Doggie Grandma