December 5, 2016

oh life

As the saying goes "its always something" but as I was reminded recently, if you were to toss your problems along with others into a bowl, you would likely still reach for your own. Sigh. Adam's car died. Boo. We were hopeful to get another 2-3 years out of it but alas, 2k worth of work on a car that is valued at 2k with 130k miles on it...not a wise investment. After quite a bit of research I found a 2014 camry for Adam w/ only 8k miles on it! He drives a lot each day and gas mileage and reliability are key for him, so, the car is being shipped from Houston and should be ours soon enough! December is not an ideal month for even more extra expenditures but...what are ya gonna do?. Oh life. In other news we're going to try and rent out our rental and move into our friends house! Its kinda nutty, the thought of moving again sounds AWFUL but our friend is going on sabbatical for 8 months and needs someone to watch his house, we hate our rental and would love to have another bathroom, and our rent is free...a win win! But our lease isn't up until May so we need to find a renter....fingers crossed (and prayers appreciated!). Sadly nothing new on the house front (grrr) its still just a pile of dirt. Sigh. Its a really nice, smooth, built-up piece of dirt but still dirt nonetheless. My builder assured me it will "ramp up soon" but its been quite the deal getting the concrete contractor lined up for the foundation and the bit of rain we've had has not been helping. When we moved back to Waco this summer I really thought we'd be 2/3 of the way done at this point, what a joke! I try not to get too bummed about it but man, I'm SO ready for it to speed up a bit!

Christmas is coming fast this year, I did my shopping a bit early so now I'm done and just need to get things shipped off in the next couple days! It's sad not having a tree this year but all our ornaments, stand, etc. is buried in storage. I bought a mini tree at the grocery store the other day and B has been referring to it as our "ghetto tree" -I couldn't agree more! She made ornaments for it and I bought a $3 strand of ugly lights from the dollar spot at target...ghetto indeed. We're all getting excited to blow this pop stand for a bit and head to New York! I think its going to be a really memorable Christmas for our family this year and I can't wait to experience it! Happy Monday, all! xo

Peek of the cutie patootie Harps!

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Kemi Winn said...

Cars, Ugh! Seems like they always die at the most inopertune times.😒