January 4, 2017

2016 in review

Happy New Year, all! There's just something about a fresh start that gets me excited about January (even though its not my favorite month). This year has started a bit rough for us over here, my long-time digestive issues have reared their ugly head and cedar allergies have hit Adam hard so we're not top notch over here...hoping for better days ahead! B doesn't go back to school until the 9th so we're having a pretty lazy week and start to our new year. We're in the process of moving into our friend's house so we got yet another (and please Lord, last) storage unit to put our stuff into and slowly started moving some things over. [Have I mentioned that I hate moving?!] Adam and I are giddy that we only have 1 more move after this one (well, we hope, and at least until we're really old! :). I'm sure it goes without saying but the thing I'm most looking forward to in 2017 is our house being done and moving into our "forever" home (gotta use quotes....you never know right?). I have poured my heart into designing this home and can.not.wait. to see it come to life and to live our lives in it, GIDDY. My builder texted me this morning and told me the plumbers started working today and would be there the next 3 days "trenching and putting in the plumbing slab" so things are finally starting to move! Who hoo!

I always like to spend some time at the end of a year reflecting on the year and all it brought, 2016 was a big one for us so I'm going to share a bit here.

I have mixed feelings when I look back on 2016, its sort of bittersweet but more sweet than bitter. The past few years have been such a mixed bag, 2013 was perhaps our/my best year, and then it was followed by 2014-15 which were the worst years of my life, and then came 2016 that was somewhere in the middle. 2016 started really awful and ended really great. The start of 2016 brought some really hard job news for Adam and I, and some really hard personal conflict for me. Then I got really sick and as someone who has had a lot of horrible physical things here and there throughout my life, I will say that vertigo is one of the worst things that has ever happened to me. As the year progressed Adam and I got some hopeful job news that morphed into what we had been pleading to the Lord for for years, which was a job in Waco. With that turn of events everything took a turn in the right direction. What I haven't shared publicly is that Adam and I had decided to move back to Texas with or without the job at UMHB, we had worked it out with APU where Adam was literally going to commute to CA from TX each week!! It was such a daunting prospect but we were all in and that was our plan until the Lord came through with the job for Adam back home. We weren't excited about this plan but we were desperate, and desperate people do desperate things. I can't tell you how affirming it was that we made the decision to move and then the Lord provided the job; I knew Waco was home and it was really neat to see the Lord make that so apparent as well. 2016 will forever be the year that the Lord brought us back to Waco, brought us home and I'm so so thankful.

For the past couple years I've been on somewhat of a spiritual journey of knowing myself better, understanding myself and others better, digging deeper into what forgiveness and reconciliation really mean/look like, what being true to myself means in the midst of heartache, what lessons I want to teach my daughter, the difference between enabling and honesty, and the things I never want to go back to but hope for the future. As I've mentioned numerous times, I've read more books in the past couple years than in my whole life combined but what I can say about this journey is: I love Jesus more than I did before, I am a better person than I was before because there is more of Jesus in me, I am more gracious than I was, I am more patient, I am more understanding. I have invited several people into the recesses of my life to ask me hard questions and hold me accountable and I've been told there is a difference in me. Healing has taken place in me that for a season I couldn't even imagine happening, things that I couldn't talk about without bursting into tears have become somewhat peaceful and such major areas of growth and I'm so thankful to be on the other side. I still have deep wounds, don't get me wrong, but there has been so much healing and growth within these wounds that is tangible and I'm so thankful for that.

2016 brought us home and the search for home has been such a "thing" for me for so many years and we're here! It brought the start of the process of building our home which has always been a dream of mine that I never really thought would come to fruition and yet, here we are. 2 BIG dreams that the Lord has made possible, so so so thankful and grateful. 2016 was the year our family of 3 went on our first cruise together, we went to NYC for Christmas which is just dreamy in and of itself, and the 3 of us are now Wacoans again -thank you 2016 for the good that you brought!

As I head into 2017 my goals are pretty simple:

move into our home, have people over for dinner all.the.time., save for a pool, get a new mi casa up and running, (as of today) to loose 13 more pounds (I've lost 11 already -woot!), to make good food/try lots of new recipes, become a better photographer, read lots more books, go to a new place with Adam and B, to love Jesus more, and to throw a big ol' 40th birthday bash!

I'm sure I'll come with a few more here and there but I think that's a good start! I hope everyone is starting 2017 with high hopes and new mercies for a new year! Happy New year! xo

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Robin said...

Great summary! I love hearing all about your lives. That may be because I love you guys. :)
May the grace of Jesus be precious to you in 2017!