January 17, 2017

a slow go

I can't believe we're halfway through January but at the same time I feel like its been a slow start to this new year. B went back to school late so that made it feel kinda lazy and slow, I wasn't feeling well which added to the slow start as well. I also think B getting out of school early Friday and then having yesterday off for MLK day has just made it feel like the year hasn't REALLY begun, but I think this is the week! I also haven't really cooked in ages and feel like we've kinda just been getting by, time to get real life started around here, folks. I'm starting to feel better which is great, and some stuff with the house is happening which is really great! Last week our foundation was poured and this week I've been told framing will begin!!! The weather has not been cooperating lately but after Wednesday (and then some rain Friday) I think we'll have some clear skies to work with for a bit. I feel like I stalk my weather app, I can't help it! The weather does change often in Waco so that's not unreasonable but I've been a little obsessive about it. Sigh.

Well, in fun news, we had a great weekend! I was talking to my friend Beth on Wednesday (she and her hubs and 2 boys lived in Waco for many years and then the past couple years they've moved to So Cal, then to CO, then to NY, then back to CO so its been nutty). She and I have had MANY teary convos over the past couple years about moving all over and missing Waco, etc. So anyhow, she was saying how her husband's 40th bday was coming, she didn't know what to do, they didn't really have friends at their new home yet, etc.. So I just said "COME TO WACO and we'll throw him a party!" So they did! It was SO FUN! She woke him up early Saturday morning and said "We're going on a trip!" She totally pulled it off and they arrived here Saturday afternoon! We haven't moved into our friend's house yet so I set them up over at his place, got them his car keys, etc. and it was awe.some. I helped to gather all our friend's together and we met up at a nice restaurant, I baked him his favorite cake and we all ushered in his 40th year with him! He was surrounded by his people, we laughed (and there were some happy tears) and it was just simply fantastic. I LOVE celebrating important moments for important people in my life and I was thrilled to be a part of honoring my dear friend. This is the good stuff of life.

In other news, I met the tile guy over at my friend Jon's house today! It was so funny, I was getting ready while B was getting ready this morning (usually I'm half coherent and fumbling around to get her to school so the fact that I was up and at 'em was unusual) and she said "Are you going somewhere after you drop me off?" And I said "Yeah, I'm meeting the tile guy at British Jon's, I'm having some work done to his house" and B said "Does he know??" It cracked me up! I said "Um...Yeah!" (But to be fair, it was a valid question! :) Jon did agree to let me do some things to sprucen up the place while he was gone but I have added a few more things to the list (that of course I will get his permission on first! :). Its fun to decorate someone else's space since I'm so far from doing it in my own house! I'm trying to pick inexpensive things that will make a big impact (since Jon doesn't want me to go nuts :). So for now, I'm having the kitchen painted, popcorn scraped off the kitchen ceiling, new fan put in, and a tile backsplash put in. Fun! He's going to come home to a transformed place! I'm trying to sneak in an inexpensive gut job to the quarter bath downstairs...we'll see! :)

I think that's all the news around these here parts! I just blogged a mini session so you can check it out HERE! Happy Tuesday! xo

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