January 30, 2017

back on the 'cord

So we officially moved into our friend's house 2 days ago and its been a whirlwind! Moving is ALWAYS insanity and we've moved a lot so you'd think we'd have a good handle on it but...not so much. We asked our friend's to help this go around (we've hired movers our last couple moves) and they were so helpful and we are almost done! Adam and I had to go back over for a couple hours yesterday and tomorrow we'll need to clean a couple things and then...we're officially outta there! We're all SO happy to be out of that rental, we all hated it! My projects at my friend's house aren't quite done yet so that's a bummer, I was hoping to have it wrapped up before we moved in but alas, as with any "little" project I take on, there's always gotta be a hiccup. Sigh. When they took out the jenky old vanity it revealed that the plumbing was actually coming from the side wall versus the back wall like we had all anticipated sooooo, I knew Jon wouldn't want to pay extra to have the plumbing moved and so that meant the sink I bought wouldn't fit. Sigh. Had to return the sink and now I'm waiting for the new one to arrive. And today the toilet was supposed to get installed but the guy hasn't shown up so...we've got 2 hold ups. Grrrr. Bright side: we're back on our old street and its SO fun to be so close to our friends again, yay! Right now the house is so quiet b/c B got called over for a play date up the street, Adam is teaching his evening class and I'm editing away. It was an early morning for us today, Adam set off the house alarm when we went to work out in the wee hours and after about 10 minutes the cops showed up. Ay yi yi. As you can imagine they had a lot of questions as to why the owner wasn't here and I live in Waco but I'm living here..ha! So, that happened. And today is my 24 hour fast for my medical procedure tomorrow where they'll check me out to make sure I'm not a total disaster on the inside so...I'm HUNGRY. Would appreciate your prayers for tomorrow, I hate being put under. :/ So, that's the haps around here, the good, the bad, and the ugly! Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! Here's a little nugget I'm editing...isn't he so cute?! xo

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Robin said...

Didn't know you were going in for any activity that requires 24 hours of fasting!!!!
Praying for you. I'd call you right now and find out how it went, but it's 10 p.m. here, and that means it's even later in Waco!