February 9, 2017

crazytown + enneagram workshop

After my last post things went south...quickly. I won't go into all the ins and outs of this past week and a half that have been an utter train wreck but I will say it involved a major plumbing fiasco, staying somewhere else for a couple nights, a medical procedure, the death of a beloved pet, a lot of physical pain, numerous contractors, budget issues, etc etc. etc. Last year had a really rough start and I'm realizing the same thing about this year, I'm hopeful this year will start an upward trajectory soon but man, its been a doozy up to this point. Big sigh. Life...sometimes it just hits you smack in the face!

On a different note, I had the opportunity to attend an all day enneagram workshop at Baylor this week (taught by Joe & Suzanne Stabile). The workshop didn't delve into a lot of what I was hoping for but it still had some good information nonetheless. Here are some nuggets from the notes I took:

*You can learn from the past, you can't discern from the past

*maturity is holding the past, present and future at one time

*we have to discover Christianity as a way of life, not beliefs

*an open heart + pure intentions = holiness

*good discernment is never done in a vacuum

*what God is doing is none of your business

That last one caused me pause, I know God's ways are higher than mine (understatement) and that we don't get the inside scoop on what He's up to but I'm not sure its ever occurred to me that its none of my business. Hmmmm. I guess its not. But I sure would like to know! :) Going into the workshop I was hopeful to hear more about specific numbers and how they apply to others, etc. and although there wasn't a ton of that, there was some of that. As I think I've previously mentioned the enneagram is a personality assessment of sorts, basically each person is a 1-9 based on their personality and there are numbers they "go to" when they are healthy or unhealthy and based on this information it can help you can better understand/deal with yourself and others the more information you have. I've had many "aha" moments as I read books on the enneagram, go to workshops, etc. Lots of eye opening stuff there if you're interested in just bettering yourself and seeking to better understand others. I love that as I'm getting older I'm learning more about why things affect me the way they do, ie why something that someone did hurt me so badly or why I felt so strongly about X, etc. Its so eye opening to learn things about yourself and to put some awareness to things you might not have known. AND, to know you're not alone in it! At the workshop they didn't go through and ask each person what their number was but at one point they asked all the 9's to raise their hands (and there were only like 3 in the whole room and there were about 80 people there (rough guess), and at one point they asked all the 8's to raise their hands (and there were also, only a handful). I'm an 8 (if anyone is wondering :) and Adam is a 9 so it was so interesting to see how in a large-ish group, there were only a few of us. Hmmmmmm. What I also found intriguing (that I admittedly know virtually nothing about) is that each number has a spot on a "triad" where it deals w/ certain parts of the body, like certain numbers are associated w/ the head, some with the heart, and some with the gut. Apparently 8's are "in" (for lack of a better word) their gut and I had someone tell me the night before the workshop that most 8's they know have some form of stomach-issue type stuff. Or maybe a better way to say it is, the friends she has with stomach issues are also an 8 on the enneagram. At the workshop the speaker at one point said based on research that 8's are among the numbers most likely to have eating problem/issues, etc. and all my friends at the workshop instantly looked at me! I'm an 8 and I've had digestive issues for 20 years -so crazy! Obviously this isn't across the board, and I'm doing a drastic disservice by writing about this when I have such minimal information/understanding at this point but it was super intriguing/interesting to me. Things that make you go "hmmmm." I look forward to learning more and understanding myself/others better.

Sorry, that was some randomness but its also what's been going on over here/with me. I have more dr appointments this month, hoping for some clarity/healing but am thankful for a new day and that I get to live this life. Thanks for checking in, all. xo

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