February 27, 2017

life lately

I go through times of feeling like I have so much to say and then times of feeling like a broken record. Sometimes it feels self-indulgent to chitty chat about my life and I never want to come across that way but then, on the other hand, isn't that somewhat the purpose of a personal blog? To write about your life? Its a tricky balance I think. Not too much has been going on aside from every day life stuff. This weekend was good, busy, but good-busy. Friday I made real dinner (which is something I haven't done too much of since we moved back to Waco) and had friends over to eat with us. I've really missed entertaining and look forward to that being a weekly thing again. It was so nice to sit around a table with good food and good friends and chat the night away. Our pastor's sister and family moved to Waco this past summer and they are 2 blocks down the road and their daughter is one of B's best friends and she is kinda my second daughter now! She is here quite a bit which is so fun and she will randomly tell me she's spending the night, its so funny, so she had a sleepover on Friday night and spent a large part of Saturday here too -fun. I drove out to the country to visit my friend in her pretty farmhouse and later that evening Adam, B and I drove (back) to the country for the best bbq in all the lands. We we met up with our friends after to hang out and chat the night away, so fun. Sunday was church, then I had to run some errands in preparation for my friend's baby shower Sunday afternoon that I helped to host. It was such a fun party celebrating my friend and her new son. Then I came home, took a quick nap and we dropped B off at a friend's house while the 2 of us went to our friend's for an Oscar Party. So fun to eat yummy snacks and drink campaign with friends. Whew! I love these types of weekends but it always makes Monday come too soon! After I picked B up from school today we drove by our house and they are just starting to frame the roof! Hooray! I'm SO ready to get the roof on so the weather is no longer such a thing. We've been told July is the month it should be done so I'm pretty pumped that March is almost here and we're that much closer!

In other randomness I'm currently in a Bible study and a book club (although the book club is pretty much a Christian book club so it kinda feels like a Bible study too). Anyhoo, the books we're reading are good so I thought I'd share, I'm a big fan of Ann Lamott (which if you read my blog regularly you already know) but her book "Stitches" is worth the read. Its more of an essay of short stories with good balm for your soul. I find myself resonating so much with some of her experiences and I just love her candidness and the way she words things. Barbara Brown Taylor is also becoming another favorite, I'm currently on my third (I think?) book of hers and she is such an amazing writer with such humanizing profound things to say. I'm currently reading her book "Leaving Church" and have highlighted many things. In the chapter I just finished I underlined this: "We spend most of our lives sitting in traffic, paying bills, and being irritated with one another. Yet every week we are invited to stop all of that for one hour at least. We are invited to participate in a great drama that has been going on without us for thousands of years, and one that will go on as long as there is a single player left standing." I love that, and it resonates in my soul. I love that I get to participate in life with women who want to spend time reading and reflecting on these things, they make me a better person and we love each other well because of the time we spend doing this each week. I'm learning so much about the value that comes with reflection and inviting people in to the dark corners of our lives, its so so good and so necessary. I think that's all the haps around here, thanks for checking in, always appreciated! xo

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Kemi Winn said...

I love reading about what is going on in your everyday life. Thank you for taking your time to share it!
How wonderful B has a good friend who lives so close. Neighborhood friends are such a special part of growing up.
Sure would love to see house pics. Any chance of sharing?