March 29, 2017


Whew. Big sigh. Life has been a doozy lately. The closer I inch to 40 the more things are falling apart! Sorry for the long silence, its been a whole thing up in here. My health isn't great at the moment, without going into all the ol' details on the interwebs, if you're of the praying variety, I'll take all you got.  In other news, the house is coming along slowly but surely. We've had a tad bit of rain here and there but its amazing how much a bit of rain slows things down. If we could just get that roof on and those windows/doors we'd be in good shape -so close! The actual shingle part of the roof will hopefully start next week and the exterior doors/windows are another 2 wks out I think. The windows and doors are pretty much what I care the most about in this house so I'm pretty eager to see them up and painted and ready to go! The exterior windows (and lots of the interior as well) are going to be black and I can't wait to see it all come together! As we inch closer to April I'm eager to be one month closer to moving in! Adam and I still don't believe we actually get to live in it one day, its like we're building it for someone else! Its still pretty surreal and I have to pinch myself that its actually happening. The plumber needed the rough in valves so I had to order several of the bathroom fixtures and that's been so fun!! The things that I've spent (admittedly) too much time thinking about and choosing are arriving and they are so pretty! I told my friend yesterday that even if we never got to live in it and we had to sell it because it ended up being too expensive (how tragic and sad that would be!) how thankful I would still be to have had this experience. I have lots of gratitude that I even get to do this, don't ever let me take it for granted.

In other news, St. Patty's was super fun this year! I decided it was time to revive my (annual) party after a hiatus due to moves, etc. It was so fun to have a big ol' group over and to celebrate the Irish! I made 10lbs of potatoes, 10lbs of carrots, more onions than I could count, 2 loaves of Irish soda bread, Guinness brownies, Bailey's cheesecake, and Bailey's bundt cake. We grilled bangers and had Irish mules as our signature cocktail and had the Irish pub music blasting in the background! We laughed until the wee hours and it reminded me how eager I was to get into my own space and do this type of thing more often. Happy sigh.

Well, I've been working here and there and my new website is up and running (check it out!, it feels good to be back in the saddle! Here is a peek of a cute family that has hired me numerous times over the years, thanks for checking in, all! xo

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Praying for good health, rejoicing with you about the house and all the blessings to come, and excited that your website is finally up and running!