May 4, 2017


A while back I saw a book with a pretty/intriguing cover and I read the tagline, the book was called "Uninvited" and the caption under the title reads: "Living loved when you feel less than, left out and lonely." I dismissed this book, not because I think I have it all together and that I never struggle with feeling left out but because this didn't really seem like "my issue." Don't get me wrong, I've got issues all day and am pretty aware of what they are (for the most part) but this particular struggle (per se) didn't seem like mine. Well, months go by and this book keeps popping up, here and there on amazon, on folks' instragrams, etc. and finally one person's description of how fantastic it was was too good for me to ignore it any longer, so I ordered it. I had low expectations when I started it but was intrigued enough to give it a go. YOU GUYS, I'm not sure if a book has ever grabbed me in way this one did that made me feel like certain parts were Here's the thing, we ALL feel left out at certain points in our lives and have moments, days, years where this is a thing, and some struggle with this issue a lot more than others but the way Lysa unfolds her experiences were so darn relatable to me and I soaked up every page in like 2 days. I texted one of my friends and said "this book is kicking my as$." {full disclosure}. I truly want every woman reading this blog post to run, not walk, to go buy this book. Even if you don't feel like rejection is "your deal" BUY IT ANY WAY. I would be stunned if there weren't words in these pages that didn't hit your heart in a specific spot somewhere. I'll share a few nuggets but honestly, so much of my book is highlighted and circled and notes are in the margins that I don't know where to start. We all have brokenness somewhere, we have all faced some sort of rejection and this book speaks so beautifully to this and to how when we are truly living loved by God these hurts and wounds and rejections are no longer so crippling. I truly cannot recommend this book enough and can think of many women off the top of my head who I'd love to buy this for -GO GET IT.

*"Rejection steals the best of who I am by reinforcing the worst of what's been said to me."

*"Rejection isn't just an emotion we feel. It's a message that's sent to the core of who we are, causing us to believe lies about ourselves, others, and God."

*The mind feasts on what it focuses on. What consumes my thinking will be the making or the breaking of my identity."

*"If we become enamored with something in this world we think offers better fullness than God, we will make room for it. We leak out His fullness to make room for something else we want to chase."

*"Bitterness, resentment, and anger have no place in a heart as beautiful as yours."

*"Grace given when it feels least deserved is the only antidote for bitter rot."

*"Humility can't be bought at a bargain price. It's the long working of grace upon grace within the hurts of our hearts."

*"Relationships don't come in packages of perfection, relationships come in packages of potential."

*"Is my attention being held by something sacred or something secret? What is holding my attention the most is what I'm truly worshipping."

This book caused me to examine my rejections that I've faced over nearly 40 years, whether it be broken family dynamics, broken friendships, etc. it was amazing how many things along my life were brought back to me. To be fair, its not that these things are ever too far from my mind, but this book shined a bright light on some of them and caused me to stare it in the face. I can't think of a woman in my life that wouldn't benefit from this book, I implore you to pick it up and get ready to have a good ol' heart check. {"Uninvited" by Lysa TerKeurst} Happy reading, friends! xo

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