May 24, 2017

weather & house (be prepared for a rant if you choose to've been warned)

So I knew building a house would be frustrating and that things would take longer than anticipated, that there would be bumps in the road, etc. I think I was pretty realistic and prepared for a lot of these things and I think I've (largely) kept my cool but I feel like I'm at a bit of a breaking point today. I'm hopeful this discouraged feeling will pass soon but today is one of those days where I want to throw in the towel and wave the white flag of surrender. The two main issues that have been so detrimental to this process are: rain and windows. The windows took exceedingly longer to arrive than anticipated (and they likely should have just been ordered a lot sooner) and we probably started the actual building process at the worst possible time of year as far as central Texas weather goes. Spring in Texas means a lot of thunder storms, they can go quickly but they can also dump an exceptional amount of rain in the short spurts that they come in. To add insult to injury our house has a pretty steep slope to get down to it and there is no driveway yet so trucks can't get in/out to the house after it rains b/c they get stuck so WE WASTE SO MANY GOOD WEATHER DAYS on letting the land dry out so the trucks can actually get down to the house that by the time the land dries the rain comes again. I literally have no words for how defeating this is. I'm not exaggerating when I say that pretty much the past 6 weeks we have been (almost) at a literal standstill in the building process, like (essentially) nothing has been done. SIX WEEKS, people. We were supposed to start insulating this week but we failed our inspection due to some random fire safety thing that needed to be fixed so, of course more delays and another week of nothing happening. So, of course what this all inevitably means is that our whole "move in at the end of July" is now "maybe move in at the end of August." BIG SIGH. This is hard on numerous levels, the first being the obvious of one more month of not being home, the second -we're living at our friend's house, he is coming back mid August and I really wanted to be out of his space for his sake when he got home. He is so gracious and has assured us its fine, but its also easy to say before you're actually here and have 3 people in your space. The thought of moving as B is starting a new school year, etc. all sounds just ick and like a lot. I get asked a lot about how the house is coming along so here you have it...its not (insert crying face). If your of the praying kind and you'd like to join me in the "please no rain for a while" bit. that'd be awesome. :) Sorry for the big 'ol downer post but this is where I'm at today. xo

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Kemi Winn said...

I feel your frustration! I know I would be just as frustrated.