June 25, 2017

recovery+17 years+house+life

Its been 11 days since my surgery and they have been a doozy! As luck would have it my incisions got infected and now I'm on antibiotics, etc.. Not my favorite life experience needless to say, but I'm pretty sure I'll make it. It T-6 days until Adam leaves for CA, I'm already dreading that! B and I don't like it when daddy's gone, things are a bit too quiet. When there are only 3 people in your family its just all kinds of wrong when someone is missing. :( I'm hoping I'll feel worlds better by the time he leaves so B and I can do some fun things to pass the time while he's gone. The two of us will head to CA on the 11th and we're looking forward to that! Excited to hug my friends, eat at my favorite spots, and just soak up my southern CA life that will always reside in my heart.

In other news Adam and I celebrated 17 years of marriage yesterday! It was maybe our most anti-climactic anniversary to date due to my post-surgical battle and not even feeling well enough to even go out to dinner. We went to our friend's house (where I can lay on their couch the same way I can at home) and we ate take out together and they bought a cake at the store to celebrate year 1-7. They are pretty great and in the condition I'm in, it was a nice way to spend the evening. Thankful for our village here who have brought dinners, flowers, treats, etc.. if you have to be couch-ridden, Waco, TX is where I want to do it!

Well, June is almost over (which seems crazy but I'm not complaining!) and that means we're that much closer to house move in! Right now everyone is doing their part to try and get us in by mid-August, (right before British Jon comes back). Things are starting to get a bit intense at the house as money is running out, lots of projects remain, and mistakes are starting to happen. I won't go into all the details but the cabinets had several "snags" that are causing some stress. I'm constantly telling myself that in the grand scheme of life, these things don't really matter, but also balancing that with 'I'm spending a lot of money and would like to get what I've asked for'....its tricky. So, with anything, I think we'll "get there" but its been nutty like everyone says house building is (insert cringy face).

As I've said on here many times, life is hard and seasonal and I feel like the past 3 years have largely been kinda ick and I'm ready for a new season, I'm SUPER hopeful the fall will be that season change. My health has been "a thing" now for 6 months and that has admittedly taken a toll. I read this quote yesterday "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them." (by Andy Barnard -fictional character from The Office). I try to be present wherever I am, knowing that life is precious with no guarantee of another day, its a constant struggle I think. I've learned a lot about myself and life in the past 3 years, valuable things that only come with hard so its not wasted on me for sure, but I also feel like I'm inching up the white flag of surrender and am eager for some peace, real God-given, genuine, peace. Sounds nice, right? xo

June 9, 2017

Houston Jaunt

My husband is the coolest (duh) and he was asked to give a lecture at a church in Houston so off we went! They put us up in a swanky hotel, paid for our meals, gas, (paid Adam of course :), and the 3 of us had a super fun mini-vacay! And what was really cool was that by the time we got home yesterday they had started DRYWALLING OUR HOUSE!! You guys: we have walls!!!! I don't think I really ever thought this day would come!!! Its SO fun to see it actually come together!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I officially ordered my appliances today and its all starting to feel like it might actually happen! Building our home has been a dream, its come w/ the headaches that I was assured but it really has been such a dream to take what's in my head, put it on paper, and then see it come to life. Every time I walk into our house I have to pinch myself that we're actually doing this! I can't wait to move in!!!!!

In other news, surgery is next Wednesday and I had a very unpleasant dr appointment this week that went WAY south. She needed to get a biopsy and after NUMEROUS (painful) attempts she couldn't get what she needed because I have a big ol' cyst in the way. Sigh. I had to then have another ultrasound to see if it was getting bigger, thankfully it didn't appear to be bigger from the previous look  but all in all, I'm just so ready to be done w/ this craziness and have it all taken out (I'm also ready for all the appointments and crazy medical bills to stop). This has been a season for sure, I'm definitely looking forward to the fall and all that it *should* bring. :) Thanks for checking in, we're moving along over here slowly but surely! xo

June 1, 2017

a new month....finally

I haven't picked up my computer in ages and its been kinda nice. Brennan wrapped up her 4th grade year last week and we pool mooched for the first time yesterday so it feels like summer has officially begun! May wears me out every.year. I feel like I always breathe a deep sigh with June 1st and this year was no exception. Adam and I had a little getaway to San Antonio this weekend and it was SO nice and much needed. We're starring a long summer in the face and it was nice to just have it be the 2 of us for a couple days. The house is an issue that continues to be a MAJOR frustration, if someone would have told me before this process started that we would have a 2 month time in the middle of the process where nothing happened I'm sure I would've thought they were crazy and yet, that's pretty much exactly what's happened. For the past SEVERAL days we've been assured that our exterior brick would be delivered....I stopped by the house last night and would you believe there is STILL no brick?! UNREAL. We've actually had numerous days in a row with no rain and they've been totally wasted and I have no idea why. MADDENING. Although I'm giddy about a new month, we're that much closer to British Jon coming back and I really think he'd prefer to not have 3 roommates. :/ Ay yi yi. In other fun news its officially less than 2 weeks until my hysterectomy which feels daunting, I've had several surgeries in my life but the older I get I feel like the anticipation gets more heightened. When you know pain is imminent it really isn't a fun reality, BUT cheers to no more periods EVER! Woot!

I think that's all the (random) haps around here, just plugging along easing into summer life. Hope everyone has a lovely June! xo