June 1, 2017

a new month....finally

I haven't picked up my computer in ages and its been kinda nice. Brennan wrapped up her 4th grade year last week and we pool mooched for the first time yesterday so it feels like summer has officially begun! May wears me out every.year. I feel like I always breathe a deep sigh with June 1st and this year was no exception. Adam and I had a little getaway to San Antonio this weekend and it was SO nice and much needed. We're starring a long summer in the face and it was nice to just have it be the 2 of us for a couple days. The house is an issue that continues to be a MAJOR frustration, if someone would have told me before this process started that we would have a 2 month time in the middle of the process where nothing happened I'm sure I would've thought they were crazy and yet, that's pretty much exactly what's happened. For the past SEVERAL days we've been assured that our exterior brick would be delivered....I stopped by the house last night and would you believe there is STILL no brick?! UNREAL. We've actually had numerous days in a row with no rain and they've been totally wasted and I have no idea why. MADDENING. Although I'm giddy about a new month, we're that much closer to British Jon coming back and I really think he'd prefer to not have 3 roommates. :/ Ay yi yi. In other fun news its officially less than 2 weeks until my hysterectomy which feels daunting, I've had several surgeries in my life but the older I get I feel like the anticipation gets more heightened. When you know pain is imminent it really isn't a fun reality, BUT cheers to no more periods EVER! Woot!

I think that's all the (random) haps around here, just plugging along easing into summer life. Hope everyone has a lovely June! xo


Kemi Winn said...

I say just focus on the positive-- no more periods ever!!!

Robin said...

I had that surgery at age 37 and didn't look forward to it. But it was the best thing to happen to my health. The pain portion was brief and relieved some terrible symptoms. May it be that way for you, too!