June 9, 2017

Houston Jaunt

My husband is the coolest (duh) and he was asked to give a lecture at a church in Houston so off we went! They put us up in a swanky hotel, paid for our meals, gas, (paid Adam of course :), and the 3 of us had a super fun mini-vacay! And what was really cool was that by the time we got home yesterday they had started DRYWALLING OUR HOUSE!! You guys: we have walls!!!! I don't think I really ever thought this day would come!!! Its SO fun to see it actually come together!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I officially ordered my appliances today and its all starting to feel like it might actually happen! Building our home has been a dream, its come w/ the headaches that I was assured but it really has been such a dream to take what's in my head, put it on paper, and then see it come to life. Every time I walk into our house I have to pinch myself that we're actually doing this! I can't wait to move in!!!!!

In other news, surgery is next Wednesday and I had a very unpleasant dr appointment this week that went WAY south. She needed to get a biopsy and after NUMEROUS (painful) attempts she couldn't get what she needed because I have a big ol' cyst in the way. Sigh. I had to then have another ultrasound to see if it was getting bigger, thankfully it didn't appear to be bigger from the previous look  but all in all, I'm just so ready to be done w/ this craziness and have it all taken out (I'm also ready for all the appointments and crazy medical bills to stop). This has been a season for sure, I'm definitely looking forward to the fall and all that it *should* bring. :) Thanks for checking in, we're moving along over here slowly but surely! xo


Robin said...

Praying for successful surgery and quick recovery!

Kemi Winn said...

So happy to hear about your fun weekend and good news about your house! Sorry about your unpleasant Dr.appointment. Hopefully that will soon be a distant memory. I will definitely be praying for your surgery!